Atlanta Eats Art


A few years ago we decided to add on to our house. We loved our yard and the house was great but with another kid on the way, we either had to move in to a bigger house or add on to our current house. Hash tag, first world problems! ANYWAY, after browsing some houses in the area, we quickly realized we would never get another yard this big in Marietta so we decided to add on to our existing house.

In late 2010, my boy Clark Harris of Innovative Construction did an amazing job of adding on and increasing our square footage by 33%.

We didn’t realize until after we were done with the project that we had a LOT of new wall space to cover. To help remedy this I decided to do a big colorful piece for our new TV area downstairs.

I first drove around town and took photos of my favorite ATL eateries. I took the pics and cut out critical elements of the exteriors of the restaurants. I then blasted the piece with color and the result is this collage. It’s printed and stretched on canvas and is featured in our downstairs TV area.

The collage is comprised of shots from the Vortex, Atlanta Fish Market, The Varsity, Woodys Cheesesteaks and Fat Matts rib shack.

Damn, I got hungry just writing this!!