Check out my Totem Pole

totem_poleI’ve always been interested In South Pacific, Polynesian and Native American artwork. More specifically I’ve liked totem poles and have always wanted to create one. Since I’m not going to learn wood sculpting any time soon, I had to make mine 2d, on the computer. TO kick it off, I first drew these 6 faces on different pieces of paper. I scanned them in and added color and shapes in Photoshop. I had recently visited an antiques mall and auto salvage and photographed all this different stuff to acquire textures. I merged the drawings, colors and textures to create the 6 unique heads.

Within the illustrations you’ll notice objects like shattered windshields, musical instruments, asphalt, plywood, car parts, leaves and rocks. I ended up printing this piece and stretching it on canvas.

I’ve actually sold a few of them!

I’m always shocked and honored that someone out there would want to pay actual money for my art!

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