I shut down a new project: custom signs for kid’s rooms

You know what man, there is only so much time in the day. When someone says something like “I’m bored” or I don’t have anything to do”, it boggles my mind.

I feel like you only have so many minutes on this planet so you need to get as many ideas out as you can. Who knows, maybe that’s just what a hyper, creative weirdo says.

I’ll get to my point. I had all these ideas for these stickleback, customize able kids signs and I STILL think it’s a good idea. However, with a busy website and graphic design business, (shameless plug c-4creative.com ) family commitments and hobbies to boot, I just couldn’t give the sign business the time it needed. So, I had to shut er down.

Oh well, you gotta try stuff sometimes. Who knows, maybe later.

Anyway, speaking of spreading myself thin, check out my NEW, NEW project: http://celebritymashup.net/

And so it continues…