I redesigned my business website, blah, blah, blah

This blog was designed for art & entertainment but…I worked my friggin but off on this new website for my business and had to get it out there in as many channels as possible. I promise I’ll get back to nonsense in my next post!

It’s been three years since I started my design business. There’s been a lot of high and lows but for the most part it’s been pretty awesome. I always say, the feeling of financial uncertainty is nothing compared to the misery of being stuck in an office somewhere. I know, I know, easy for me to say because I can do my job anywhere. I hate to sound negative so let me follow up with a positive spin: I really, really, really appreciate my freedom.

No sitting in traffic, no adherence to office hours, lots of time at home with my kids, the ability to work weird hours, a diversity of projects…I’m truly grateful for my professional life.

Back to the website. Over the last couple years I’ve been exclusively customizing WordPress sites. However, MY website, the site I used to solicit new business was built in old school HTML 3 years ago. That’s ancient in website years.

After a LOT of work, I finally have this promotional tool that I feel confident sending clients to now. Also, I’ve added a lot of new services like Social Media Marketing, Google Ad Words Management and video production.

Enough talk, check it out for yourself!