Video technology is pretty amazing these days

Okay, so recently I completed a video for one of my clients. They are an Atlanta-based HVAC company and they needed promotional items across-the-board. This included a logo, brochure, flyers, website and then I offered up the idea of the video. At first I can tell that they weren’t quite sure about it, but I gave them the deal the lifetime just so I could practice my video skills and give them something of good value in return. I understand that sometimes when you want to do something for money, you need to do it for free or close to free just to get the opportunity to show others that you’re capable of doing it, which I’m totally fine with.

So I pitched the plan to the client and they said okay. I promised them, they wouldn’t have to do anything. I was going to write the script, shoot the video, edit it, and I would coordinate the voice over talent and sound. All they had to do was to approve the script. I wrote a script for a 30 second video but it actually turned out to be about 45 seconds. That was as much as I could cut it down to. I met with the owner of the HVAC business, a great guy named Max Ruiz, and for about two hours we shot the video. I asked one of my good friends if we could use her house to shoot at. She and her husband have this really nice home. She agreed so we went over there and within two hours of filming, we had some pretty decent footage.

I tried to get some artistic shots so it was petty fun. I was hanging off the back of his van and I had him pull up slowly so the logo on the front of van filled the screen. We just kind of shot anything that we thought might be of value. I get the footage back home there’s TONS of it.

I ended up getting a professional voice over / sound engineer (shout out to the very talented Dave Marino) because sound and a good voice over makes a huge difference. Aside from that, I wrote, shot, and edited the 45 second web commercial and I think it turned out pretty well. Now, I assure you this blog entry is not me patting myself on the back, saying “oh, look at this video I’ve done” but really it’s just documenting the amazing things you can do these days with desktop technology. To make this sort of video a few years ago, you would probably have to have gone through a local TV station and they would probably would have charged thousands of dollars for this service.

But with all the technology available nowadays, you can create a really high quality video with an iPhone. I’m not kidding! I know that sounds really low brow but in reality, an iPhone has a 1080 P high, def video lens on it just like any other video camera. Now, the ones the pros use, yes, they are far better quality than an iPhone video camera but for the price difference and if you’re working a shoestring budget…sometimes it’s the message and not the cinematography quality that really counts.

So, with the video camera on the iPhone and consumer video editing software on a laptop, anyone can produce a decent video now, there’s no excuse. That’s friggin awesome because people like me that have an idea…this amazing technology at your fingertips gives you the ability to actually create pretty nice videos now.

I hope to produce a lot more of these videos. Whether it’s for my clients or just to execute a funny idea that I have. Videos are an amazing medium and now with YouTube, faster Internet speeds and mobile devices accommodating videos, videos are going to be an increasingly popular form of communication. If you have an idea for video and need help producing it, feel free to contact me I’ll be glad to help you. Please enjoy this video for Atlanta technical services…if you’re in need of a HVAC services in Atlanta, please visit Sorry, I had to plug their business. Have a good one!

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