Look ma, I’m a rapper!

When I first wake up in the morning, I turn on the morning news to see what shitty events they are reporting on in the world. It’s a nice slow transition in to the day and gets you up to speed on what’s happening out there. Last week while waking up in a drowsy haze, I hear the reporter say “There’s a dangerous Gaboon Viper on the loose in middle Georgia.” I thought to myself, “Gaboon Viper”, I like that!

On Facebook that same day, I joked around and said that if I ever become a rapper, my stage name would be “Gaboon Viper.”

After joking around about it a little more at a party that weekend, I decided to take it to the next level!?! Sadly.

I’ve always wanted to be a fake, stereotypical, white trash rapper. Once again, thanks to Photoshop, that dream is a reality. Looking around the house I found a wife beater, bandana, braves hat, sunglasses…throw in a Photoshopped background and a gold chain, Gaboon Viper is born!

I guess that teacher that said I’d never amount to anything was 100% right!