Martial artists should be like the new RoboCop

Stay with me, I can explain. Last year, the RoboCop reboot came out and by most accounts, it was a horrendous piece of shit. I disagree, I thought it was pretty good. Don’t get me wrong, it couldn’t touch the original which is a masterpiece of science fiction violence but for 90 minutes of my life, I was entertained. Let’s face it, the original set too high of a bar. As a youngster, the original RoboCop left a huge impression on me and it pretty much birthed my passion for gratuitous movie violence.

The new RoboCop: spoiler alert.

In the new RoboCop, there are very advanced robots that can police the streets and take swift, lethal action against all comers. The beauty of this is, is that no human lives are at stake. Who cares if a fancy robot gets blown up in the street, at least it’s not a human life. However, the thing citizens have a problem with is that machines have no compassion, reasoning capabilities or feelings. To remedy this negative backlash, the evil company that makes the robots, decides to make a cyborg…half man / half robot type of thing.


The old RoboCop wouldn’t stand for any of this bullshit. He would NOT buy this for a dollar.

That part of the movie is similar to the original. The evil company goes through a search to find the candidate to become RoboCop, blah, blah, blah, let’s fast forward to where the dude is already RoboCop.

When the new RoboCop is going through testing, they realize BECAUSE of his compassion, reasoning, empathy and all those qualities that make him human…he’s not quite as fast and efficient at killing as the machine who acts purely on the execution. The machine has no hesitation, no thought, feelings.

In a ridiculous plot line, they have a plan to speed RoboCop up by reprogramming his brain. When he’s normal, just walking around in the world with his helmet up, he’s easy going Robocop. However, when he’s scared or in an exaggerated emotional state, his helmet comes down, the machine takes over, the human emotions take a back seat and he becomes a robotic decision maker with stone cold killing skills equipped with mechanized precision.

I know, it’s kinda dumb but it leads to my point. Finally!!!

High level martial artists should be able to dispatch your average knuckle head with ruthless efficiency. For reals. I always use the golf analogy when someone asks “you think you can you beat me up bro?” My response is: If someone loved golf, I mean they had a real passion for it…studied it, watched videos on golf, read books on golf, practiced golf two to three times a week. Do you think if that person that loved golf played someone who has never even picked up a club in their life, do you think the golf lover would lose to the person that’s never played? Of course not! They’d get obliterated!! Most people take the path of least resistance and I’m here to tell you, most people have never picked up a golf club. Hell, I never really play golf…that much before…I started playing as an adult?? That was kinda deep, I know. Sorry.


The new, more easy going RoboCop

Here’s my point. Dear martial artists, especially the high level ass kickers, be like the new RoboCop. Only use those skills when you have to. Don’t be a bully and don’t walk around looking for trouble or you will become the reason people take martial arts, to fight bullies! I’m not saying to not walk around with confidence and I’m not saying don’t stand up for justice. I’m just saying: be kool. Only use that shit when it’s absolutely necessary. When RoboCop gets anxious or scared, the helmet comes down and he opens up a can of whoopass. You can do the same! Be nice. Treat people with respect and treat them how you want to be treated. Then, you won’t have to figure out when to use those skills. The helmet will come down and you will be reacting, you won’t even be thinking. You won’t have to decide because life has already decided for you.

I hope I didn’t butcher this analogy. I swear it made sense in my head.

I may get some questions about this post, like “WTF were you smoking when you wrote this.”

I guess my point is: don’t be a dick. There’s enough negativity in the world as it is. Just be kool.

Of course, who am I to preach about anything?

The Internet needs World Star Hip Hop videos too, WorldStar bitches!!!!!

Seriously, don’t be a dick.