By trade, I am a website and graphics designer so a lot of times I get asked through this site “Hey, how do I get a hold of you for design stuff”? This site is not my professional website. This site is really just for fun and a creative outlet of sorts. It’s okay though, I appreciate the inquiry and will gladly point you in the right direction.

Please go to to contact me about web design and graphics work. You can check out my portfolio and if you contact me through the C-4 site, I’ll know it’s about work stuff.

This is more my wife’s gig but I do help with it and get asked about it so here’s the website to the pet sitting business: Yes, I know, we have a weird set of businesses. It works for us. Who wouldn’t want to go hang out and take care of pets for money! Probably someone who hates pets now that I think about it.